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Monday Feb 07, 2022

Dr. Donovan summarizes Prior Injury, Health-Related Quality of Life, Disablement, and Physical Activity in Former Women's Soccer Players by Shannon J. Cross, EdD; Diane L. Gill, PhD; Pam Kocher Brown, EdD; Erin J. Reifsteck, PhD which is featured in the January issue of the Journal of Athletic Training. Article Link: https://bit.ly/3fVZP6l

Monday Jan 24, 2022

Dr. Shelby Baez interviews Jessica Wallace, PhD, MPH, LAT, ATC and Tamaria Hibbler, MS, AT, ATC about their recent paper titled "Examining Concussion Nondisclosure in Collegiate Athletes Using a Health Disparities Framework and Consideration of Social Determinants of Health." Article: https://bit.ly/3fBtilZ

Monday Jan 03, 2022

Dr. Luke Donovan summarizes the recent article titled "Impact Sound Across Rearfoot, Midfoot, and Forefoot Strike During Overground Running" from Ivan Pui Hung Au, MPT and colleagues. Article Link: https://bit.ly/3q6S2Y4

Monday Dec 20, 2021

Dr. Luke Donovan summarizes the article "Timing of Stress Fractures in Soldiers During the First 6 Career Months: A Retrospective Cohort Study" by Dr. Joseph Kardouni and colleagues. Article: https://bit.ly/3dXWbbe

Monday Nov 22, 2021

Dr. Donovan summarizes an article from the October issue of the Journal of Athletic Training titled "Normative Measures of Hip Strength and Relation to Previous Injury in Collegiate Cross-Country Runners" by Charles Vannatta, DPT, and Thomas Kernozek, PhD. Article: https://bit.ly/3kd5DuG

Monday Nov 15, 2021

Dr. Donovan summarizes an article from the October issue of the Journal of Athletic Training titled "Shoulder Strength and Range of Motion in Healthy Collegiate Softball Players" by Terry Grindstaff, PhD, PT, ATC, and colleagues. Article: https://bit.ly/3EOB0Uf

Monday Nov 08, 2021

Dr. Lizzie Elder interviews Dr. Brea Stanton and Dr. Matt Rivera about their recent paper in the Journal of Athletic Training titled "Non-Native English-Speaking Patients, Support Systems, and Patient Care Delivery: A Study of Secondary School Athletic Trainers." Article: https://bit.ly/3pGiZmU

Monday Nov 01, 2021

Dr. Kara Radzak interviews Dr. Kathryn Calpino and Dr. Ryan Ross about return to sport after COVID-19. Calpino et al: https://bit.ly/3vZcw7L Ross et al: https://bit.ly/3vT1JM7

Tuesday Oct 05, 2021

Dr. Kara Radzak interviews Dr. Dan Lorenz about his recent Current Clinical Concepts paper on Blood Flow Restriction. Article: https://bit.ly/39AKm8J Dan Lorenz, DPT, PT, ATC, CSCS is a sports medicine professional with 20 years of experience in a number of professional settings, including outpatient physical therapy, hospitals, Division 1 athletics, Olympics, Major League Baseball, and the National Football League. After practicing in outpatient physical therapy for a few years after PT school, from 2004-2005, he completed the Duke University Sports Physical Therapy Fellowship. Following the stint at Duke, he was an assistant athletic trainer/physical therapist for the Kansas City Chiefs. After leaving the Chiefs, he worked in various outpatient sports/orthopedic settings in the Kansas City area before opening my own practice with my partners, Agility Health, in 2012 - Specialists in Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation (SSOR).

Monday Sep 27, 2021

Dr. Luke Donovan summarizes the article "Effects of Different Inter-Set Rest Intervals during the Nordic Hamstring Exercise in Young Male Athletes." 

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