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JATCast | Athletic Trainer Burnout

Monday Mar 30, 2020

Dr. Donovan summarizes the recent article by Dr. Leslie Oglesby and colleagues titled "Athletic Trainer Burnout: A Systematic Review of the Literature." 

The AT Tapes | Patient-Reported Outcomes in Sports Medicine

Monday Mar 16, 2020

Dr. Lizzie Hibberd interviews Dr. Ashley Marshall and Dr. Kenny Lam about their recent paper "Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in Sports Medicine: A Concise Resource for Clinicians and Researchers." Dr. Ashley Marshall is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Appalachian State University. Dr. Kenny Lam is an Associate Professor of clinical research at AT Still University and the director of the Athletic Training Practice-Based Research Network. 

JATCast | Running a Marathon: Its Influence on Achilles Tendon Structure

Monday Mar 09, 2020

Article Notes: Dr. Donovan summarizes the recent article by Dr. Lucas Maciel Rabello and colleagues titled "Running a Marathon: Its Influence on Achilles Tendon Structure."   

JAT Chat | Secondary School Softball Injuries

Monday Mar 02, 2020

Interview Information: Dr. Kara Radzak interviews Dr. Alison Snyder Valier about her recent paper titled "Non–Time-Loss and Time-Loss Softball Injuries in Secondary School Athletes: A Report From the National Athletic Treatment, Injury and Outcomes Network (NATION)." Dr. Snyder Valier is an Associate Professor of interdisciplinary health sciences, director, Center for Clinical Outcomes Studies, and assistant director of research support through research, grants, and information technology systems at AT Still University.  

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