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JATCast | Management of Heat Illness in American Football Players

Tuesday Jan 22, 2019

Article Summary Information: Shoulder Range of Motion and With Baseball Arm Injuries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Interview Information: Cooling Rates of Hyperthermic Humans Wearing American Football Uniforms When Cold-Water Immersion is Delayed Fatal Exertional Heat Stroke and American Football Players: The Need for Regional Heat-Safety Guidelines National Athletic Trainers' Association Position Statement: Immediate Management of Appendicular Joint Dislocations Dr. Kevin Miller Facebook Twitter Instagram

JATCast | Athletic Training Services in the High School Practice Setting

Wednesday Jan 02, 2019

Article Summary Information: Athletic Trainers’ Effect on Population Health: Improving Access to and Quality of Care. Interview Information: School and Community Socioeconomic Status and Access to Athletic Trainer Services in Wisconsin Secondary Schools. Emergency Preparedness of Secondary School Athletic Programs in Arizona. Dr. Eric Post Facebook Twitter Instagram

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