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Monday Apr 25, 2022

Dr. Shelby Baez interviews Dr. Stephan Bodkin about his recent paper titled Predicting Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reinjury From Return-to-Activity Assessments at 6 Months Postsurgery: A Prospective Cohort Study featured in the April issue of the Journal of Athletic Training. Article: https://bit.ly/3EvKgxC

Monday Apr 11, 2022

Dr. Luke Donovan summarizes the article titled Work and Life in the Sport Industry: A Review of Work-Life Interface Experiences Among Athletic Employees by Jeffrey A. Graham, PhD and Allison B. Smith, PhD. This article is featured in the March special thematic issue on work-life balance in athletic training. Article Link: https://bit.ly/3Ivsg6Z

Monday Apr 04, 2022

Dr. Luke Donovan summarizes the recent article from Lindsey H. Schroeder, EdD, LAT, ATC and colleagues titled The Quantitative Examination of the Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Fit in Athletic Trainers. Article: https://bit.ly/3NeVtXd

Monday Mar 28, 2022

Dr. Shelby Baez interviews Dr. Stephanie Singe and Kelsey Rynkiewicz, MS about the Special Thematic issue of the Journal of Athletic Training on Work-Life Balance as well as their article in the issue titled Parental Perspectives of Work-Family Conflict and Guilt in Collegiate Athletic Trainers: A Descriptive Qualitative Design. Issue: https://bit.ly/3qnZKOm Article: https://bit.ly/3tubD7c

Monday Mar 21, 2022

Dr. Lizzie Elder interviews Dr. Christianne Eason about the March Special Thematic Issue on Work-Life Balance and the manuscript Work-Addiction Risk in Athletic Trainers and Its Relationship to Work-Family Conflict and Burnout. Issue: https://bit.ly/3qnZKOm Manuscript: https://bit.ly/37OyrGA

Monday Mar 14, 2022

Dr. Lizzie Elder interviews Dr. Brett Pexa about his work in the area of work load monitoring and wearable technologies in throwing athletes. Dr. Pexa is an Assistant Professor at High Point University in the graduate Athletic Training program. Article Link: https://bit.ly/3By3T6S

Monday Mar 07, 2022

Dr. Luke Donovan summarizes the recent article "Confidence and Knowledge of Athletic Trainers in Managing Patellofemoral Pain" authored by Erika K. Zambarano, MS, ATC, and colleagues. Article Link: https://bit.ly/3BsqLVh

Monday Feb 28, 2022

Dr. Shelby Baez interviews Dr. Erik Swartz and Merril Hoge about the newly released National Athletic Trainers' Association position statement on Reducing Intentional Head-First Contact Behavior in American Football Players. Article Link: https://bit.ly/3oY2IIS Video Link: https://bit.ly/3mnx0kc

Monday Feb 21, 2022

Dr. Shelby Baez interviews Dr. Ashley Goodman and Dr. Jennifer Howard about their recent publication titled "Mindfulness Matters: Utilization and Perceptions of Mindfulness Practices Among Athletic Trainers". Warning: There were several audio issues that arose during the recording of this issue resulting in substandard audio quality and loss of audio at the start of the interview. We have done our best to make the interview available to you in a listenable form and are committed to avoiding audio issue like this in the future. Article Link: https://bit.ly/3HYZrQV

Monday Feb 07, 2022

Dr. Donovan summarizes Prior Injury, Health-Related Quality of Life, Disablement, and Physical Activity in Former Women's Soccer Players by Shannon J. Cross, EdD; Diane L. Gill, PhD; Pam Kocher Brown, EdD; Erin J. Reifsteck, PhD which is featured in the January issue of the Journal of Athletic Training. Article Link: https://bit.ly/3fVZP6l

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